John Cena Haters Should Take A Day Off After Watching What He Did For A Kid Fighting Cancer After Raw #WWE

If you watched Raw on Monday, you saw John Cena point out a young kid in the crowd who had a ‘I’m Beating Cancer’ sign during his promo with Kevin Owens. The  camera panned to the kid holding the sign and if you say you’ve seen a bigger smile on a kid’s face then you’re a liar. It was a nice gesture by Cena, who by all account seems like a great guy outside of the ring. Cena went on with his promo and the show rolled on as scheduled. Well, thanks to WWE’s YouTube page, we now know that Cena went a step further after Raw went off the air and actually got the kid out of the  crowd and brought him in the ring and had the entire arena cheer for him. You may not like John Cena – WWE Superstar, but John Cena – human being is a pretty cool dude.

– Ryan


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