Citizen of the Year Lil’ Wayne Tried To Fight A Referee At A Charity Basketball Game For Non Violence

You know what’s not the best idea? Trying to fight a referee at a charity basketball game for NON VIOLENCE. But then again, Lil Wayne isn’t a celebrity because of his brain. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. You can only go so long before your animal tendencies start to show again. I also don’t know why this scuffle lasted so long. What is Lil Wayne, 5 feet tall on a good day? You’re telling me one of his  bodyguards couldn’t just pick him up and hold him there while his feet dangled until he calmed down? I guess that’s the life of a rap star, though. You attend a charity basketball game supporting non violence then try to get violent with a referee. At a charity basketball game. For non-violence. I think the thing that makes me the angriest about this whole situation is that events like this really sully the Wayne family name, the same name Bruce has tried to restore for so long.

– Ryan

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