The Guy Who Proposed To His Girlfriend At Someone Else’s Wedding Needs A Lesson In Proposal Etiquette

LocalMany girls dream of the day they will be proposed to. A photo of one proposal has gone viral–and many seem to think it’s every girl’s nightmare.

The photo was posted to Reddit. It shows a man getting down on one knee in front of a couple at their wedding reception.

The viral proposal brings up wedding etiquette and whether or not it is appropriate to propose on another couple’s big day.


Most stuff that people freak out about online is an overreaction, but I’m with the masses on this one. You don’t propose to your girlfriend at someone else’s wedding. Once your over the age of 10, there’s really only one day that is all yours. Your birthday is no longer that big of a deal, so if you do get married, that’s the one day everyone else caters to you. This guy literally had 364 other days of the year to propose, but he had to do it on this couple’s wedding day. Maybe he should’ve just waited until someone died and done it at a funeral. Even that wouldn’t have been as bad. I’m sure some sob story will come out from this guy about how special this day was and blah, blah blah. You messed up, buddy. And thanks to the internet, everyone knows it.

– Ryan

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