Mark McGrath, Uncle Kracker & Kevin Griffin Started A Musical Trio & Their First Song Is Actually A Jam

If you told me the guy from Sugar Ray, the guy from Better Than Ezra and UNCLE KRACKER would start the musical version of the Avengers and have the song of the early summer, I’d probably slap you in the mouth. But here we are, and here is B.Y.H.B, which stands for Bring Your Hot Body because of course it does. I heard a snippet of this on the radio this morning and had to find out more, and reading about it basically transported me back 20 years. I hope Uncle Ezra Ray (which is their official group name) go on tour all summer so I can follow them around like the weirdest groupie that ever lived. If that doesn’t happen, I hope they at least keep putting out sunshine jams like this one.

– Ryan


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