Samoa Joe Debuted in NXT Last Night & We’re Officially In Wrestling’s Version Of Heaven

Towards the end of NXT Takeover last night, a familiar face showed up to save Sami Zayn from certain death at the hands of Kevin Owens. Samoa Joe, one of the most dominant forces in independent/TNA wrestling, is in NXT, and we are officially reaching fantasy land levels of excitement. NXT is seriously booked like it’s run by a smart ass internet wrestling fan. “Let’s have Kevin Owens come out in a John Cena t-shirt and then have Sami Zayn turn into the Canadian Brock Lesnar and suplex Kevin Owens for most of their title match, only to have Owens reverse a Helluva Kick on the outside into a power bomb on the apron that kills Sami Zayn. Oh, and when Owens is about to hit a lifeless Zayn with a chair, SAMOE JOE comes out to save the day.” All of that actually happened, because NXT is wonderful and wants wrestling fans to be happy. I don’t know what the plans are for Joe, especially with Finn Balor as the new #1 contender, but he looks like he’s in a great shape, and NXT really is a magical place where everyone lives up to their potential, so I trust that they’ll use him wisely. The entire live special was great, and this was one of many highlights. If you still don’t have the WWE Network for some reason, sign up for free this month and watch this show. It’s worth every second.

– Ryan

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