My Favorite Sketch From Saturday’s #SNL40Finale – Louis C.K.’s Hilariously Uncomfortable Monologue

This obviously wasn’t a sketch, but it was probably my favorite part of the show. Louis C.K. was tasked with closing out season 40 of SNL, and he did a pretty great job. Louie is always a fun host, and his monologues are usually a shortened version of his stand up act, and he always adds a bit of controversy to his jokes. Saturday’s monologue was no exception, as he started off talking about racism and ended it with an odd homage to sex offenders. As much as bits of it made me uncomfortable, C.K. has the ability to deliver certain jokes or statements that shouldn’t make you laugh in a way that is impossible not to smirk at. He’s facing backlash online over this monologue, but I think Louie knows that no matter what he says, SOMEONE is going to find it offensive, so why not offend the masses?

– Ryan


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