Sweet Moses Malone’s Afro – A Taco Bell Opening in Chicago Could Be The First Ever TBell With A Liquor License

Please God That Taco Bell planned for Wicker Park won’t be so run of the mill after all. Management’s applied for a liquor license, which would make it the first Bell in the world to serve alcohol with Doritos Locos Tacos and other menu items. A Yum! Brands spokeswoman added that The Bell’s also planning a “completely new urban restaurant design” for the Wicker Park space.

Taco Bell had considered selling alcohol at other locations in the past. There were plans to offer boozy milkshakes at U.S. Taco Co. — TB’s upscale concept in California that features lobster tacos and other premium items that no Fourth Meal eater has ever had at a regular Taco Bell — but those plans were postponed.

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We blow a lot of things out of proportion here at Average Nobodies. We put Bill Paxton on a Greek God-like pedestal, we love pretty much every movie or TV trailer that goes on YouTube and just are generally dangerously optimistic. With that said, this might be the best news in the history of the world. I’m glad they invented penicillin and I’m glad America won both World Wars but those things PALE IN COMPARISON to a Taco Bell that serves liquor. Taco Bell is the mecca, the be all and end all, but like most things, it would be exponentially better with booze. While some people may call us dreamers for thinking like that, we can now laugh at those people because it looks like Taco Bell selling booze is becoming a reality. It starts in Chicago, and it better makes it way to RI or I’ll drive to Chicago every god damn weekend just to visit this store. Don’t test me, Taco Bell.

– Ryan

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