WWE Is Bringing Back The Elimination Chamber Event & The Suspected Card Might Already Be Better Than #WWEPayback

WrestlingThe anticipated, must-see WWE Elimination Chamber event will emanate from Corpus Christi, Texas, where the WWE Tag Team Championships and the newly vacant Intercontinental Championship will be defended inside the infamous structure. Plus, U.S. Champion John Cena will compete and the WWE World Heavyweight Title will be defended, all live on WWE Network.

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Vince McMahon is just an entertainment machine. When news broke last year that the annual Elimination Chamber event would be replaced by Fast Lane, my heart was broken. Not only was the Elimination Chamber itself an awesome structure, but the pay per view was consistently one of the best shows for the WWE, and marked the final stop before WrestleMania. Fast Lane was headlined by a great Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns match, but other than that, it was just OK. Well a few months later, we get the announcement that the Elimination Chamber is indeed coming back, and it’s coming back sooner rather than later. Two weeks after Payback, Elimination Chamber will take place, which is important for one very big reason. WWE made the month of May free for new subscribers, and that free trial ends on May 31st. With Elimination Chamber now on the 31st, I bet a lot more fans will keep the Network to watch the show and thus WWE has them locked in for June. At this point, if you don’t have the Network and you’re paying $45-55 for pay per views, you’re an idiot, but that’s your prerogative. Now, onto the show.

According to WWE.com, the Tag Team and newly vacated IC title’s will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber, while the US title and WWE titles will be defended in more traditional matches. It’s interesting the way they worded it, and it may just be that way to get Cena’s name in there, but both the US and WWE World Heavyweight Championships are being defended at Payback. The write up for the Elimination Chamber says “US Champion John Cena” while the write up for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t mention anyone specifically. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion Cena is going to win Sunday, but this write up pretty much confirms it. Looking past the WWE. com write up, the Elimination Chamber presents a couple unique opportunities for the WWE superstars. The IC and Tag Team belts have never been defended inside the Chamber, and while an IC match will probably be structured similar to the WWE and World Heavyweight title matches, I’m interested to see how they’ll set up the Tag Team match. If they’re going to still use the pods, they’ll probably start it off with one member of each team in the ring, while the other member of the team waits in a pod. Luck of the draw will determine which teams gains an advantage first, and if the New Day are involved, booking this match in a Chamber  takes away their 3 on 2 advantage. Here are my predictions for the two Chamber matches, as well who will be involved in the US and WWE World Heavyweight title matches.

Tag Team Chamber Match: Cesaro/Kidd vs. New Day vs. Harper/Rowan vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension

IC Title Chamber Match: Ziggler vs. Barrett vs. Neville vs. Sheamus vs. Ambrose

US Title Match: John Cena vs. anyone but Rusev. Maybe Finn Balor gets the call up?

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

I think Harper and Rowan win the tag belts, Neville wins the IC belt, Cena retains over whoever he faces, and Rollins does the same. There’s still a couple weeks to clear everything up and set up an actual card, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up looking like this.

– Ryan

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