Dante Fowler Jr. Hasn’t Played A Game In The NFL Yet But His Outfit Last Night Was All Time


Dante Fowler Jr. just became my new favorite player. I might even get a Jaguars jersey just to support him. He was a dominant defensive force in a tough conference at Florida, and he’s doesn’t turn 21 until August, which makes me so god damn sad. While getting drafted by the Jaguars isn’t exactly winning the professional lottery, the Jags are in much better shape than they’ve been in years past. They have a young QB willing to learn who just got a mega weapon (if he can stay healthy) in Julius Thomas. Now they have a bonafide future stud in Fowler, who got progressively better each year at Florida, and again, he doesn’t turn 21 until August! All of that is nothing compared to the outfit Fowler wore last night, though. I love an athlete who isn’t afraid to show some personality, and that’s exactly what Fowler did last night. Look at those shoes! Gold shoes with spikes on them that make it look like he’s wearing a Stegosaurus’s back on his feet. The white suit is always a good look, too. Some people might call it outrageous, but I like Dante’s style. Watch out for those Jaguars this year. The animal and the team.

– Ryan

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