Alli Alberts Is My New Favorite Athlete & She’s Redefined The MVP Award Celebration Game

Any time someone channels their inner Stone Cold Steve Austin I’m going to approve, but when that someone is a beautiful woman in lingerie who just won the MVP award of a football game, it makes my heart want to explode with joy. If Alli Alberts isn’t your new favorite athlete then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. She’s pretty, she’s tough, she chugs beer, she plays LINGERIE FOOTBALL. That’s a checklist that Bill Paxton himself invented to make people like me happy. Besides the fact that Alli is now my favorite athlete, she’s single handedly redefining how you should celebrate being named MVP of a game. If the NFL did this, or any sport for that matter, they’d have a lot more viewers. What’s the harm in chugging a beer? Hopefully nothing since I’ve chugged about 1,000 in my lifetime, but it brings a sense of fun to the game, and someone who works so hard that they got named the most valuable player should be able to let loose and have a beer after it. I applaud Alli Alberts and the Lingerie Football League for being forward thinkers, and I look forward to watching more of these games in the future.

– Ryan

H/T NY Daily News

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