Video Game Trailer Alert – Black Ops III

Just when i thought I was out…


Treyarch has been the sole reason I am still a fan of the Call Of Duty series. For those who don’t know, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been going back and forth for over 10 years now making these games. While I am a big fan of all first-person shooters in general, Treyarch has always lured me in with their zombie mode. I have dedicated so many hours of my college education to killing zombies that i’m surprised I even graduated. With that said, to looks like my fall is largely going to be spent on the couch. From the trailer, this game looks to be a combination of the old Black Ops games, Titan Fall, and a little bit of Halo all sprinkled into one. Can’t hate that combination.


PS- From here on out every video game trailer will have “Paint it Black” in it or I will scream.

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