Jimmy Fallon Had Puppies Predict The Kentucky Derby & I’m Putting All My Money On War Story

As is tradition with any major competitive sporting event, Jimmy Fallon gathered his gang of adorable puppies and had them race to the finish line to see who would be the fan favorite heading into the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. While American Pharaoh won the race, War Story won my heart. This puppy was not waking up from his nap for anybody. Not the crowd, not The Roots, not Jimmy Fallon and especially not the American public. He was comfy in his little starting gate and that’s where he was going to stay. The rest of the dogs can run their little hearts out towards the food finish line, but not War Story. The live odds for War Story are 50-1, and god damnit do I love those odds. If you’re not putting the house on War Story this weekend, you’re a fool.

– Ryan


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