Bad News Barrett Is Your 2015 King of the Ring

By royal decree, today is 'King Bad News of Barrett Day'. I am the bloody King.

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While I would have loved to have Neville become the King of the Ring just a few months after debuting, Barrett is the guy who needs this right now. I’m still not sure what ‘this’ is, as the WWE hasn’t really said anything about the winner of the KOTR getting any special opportunities, but he won a tournament and he won it clean. Neville is on the fast track to success, but he lost to a more experienced competitor who just needed this win more. Pushing multiple guys at once should always be the main focus in the WWE, as the more guys that are seen as special in the eyes of the fans, the more successful the company will be. With Daniel Bryan out of action for awhile, there’s one less championship to chase, so WWE should be creating personal feuds for the mid carders not going after Cena’s US title. Barrett’s win and coronation is a step in the right direction.

– Ryan


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