Booker T Apologized On Twitter After Making An Awful Owen Hart Joke On Raw

RAWBooker T took to Twitter to apologize for a comment he made in reference to Owen Hart on Raw. For those who missed it, Booker was talking about Neville in his match with Luke Harper. JBL said that Neville could be the first high-flying King of the Ring and then said, “Of course Owen [Hart] was a high-flyer, but not like this.” Booker T replied, “He couldn’t defy gravity.”

Neville is known as the “Man That Gravity Forgot” of course, but Owen Hart’s death from his fall during WWE Over the Edge in 1999 was given an unintential reference as a result.

I’m sure Booker T didn’t mean anything by it, but as far as jokes go, this one’s pretty terrible. Any Owen Hart joke is terrible, but one involving him not being able to defy gravity when he plummeted to his death is kind of idiotic. Booker T will never be mistaken for a smart man, and his commentary makes me wish I couldn’t hear words, but this is one of his lowest moment. I say one of because nothing will beat the time he called Hulk Hogan the N word live on air:

Never change, Booker. Actually, change everything.

– Ryan

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