Amidst The Chaos In Baltimore, One Mom Took A Stand & Tried To Stop Her Son From Rioting

With all the insanity happening in Baltimore, video emerged of what has been labeled a mother smacking the shit out of her soon for joining in on the riots. It’s good to see a mother trying to talk some sense into her son, but at this point, I can’t imagine this is how the majority of people feel. Whether you support the cops or the community, rioting and burning down buildings is obviously never the answer. But at this point, what is the answer? How many times can people see someone get killed by the police before they snap? This video is a glimmer of hope in an otherwise really awful situation, and if the police killings keep happening, I don’t expect it to stop. The most worrying part about all of this is the lack of leadership from the people elected to keep the community safe. I knew politicians were useless, but when things like this happen, it really makes you wonder what the people in charge are made of. Right now, they’re failing in every possible way.

– Ryan

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