People Were NOT Happy That ESPN 2 Aired A Live Video Game Tournament Last Night

DormMove over bowling, poker and fantasy sports, there’s a new leader in the clubhouse for nerdiest live programming aired on ESPN’s networks.

On Sunday night, ESPN 2 aired a live video game tournament called Heroes of the Dorm, a play on the game’s name “Heroes of the Storm.” The two-hour block showed college students going head-to-head in the multiplayer online game, with actual commentary from other gamers.

ESPN programmed this tournament against the NHL playoffs on the NBC networks, the NBA playoffs on Turner (it was an off night for ESPN and ABC aired games during the day) and it’s own “Sunday Night Baseball” on its flagship network.

Viewers were losing their minds over this — of course — and it seems like the programming was out-of-the blue, if not unprecedented (they reportedly aired a similar tournament a year ago). In the network’s weekly “This Week” rundown, which highlights programming for the week ahead, there was no mention of the video game tournament.

At this point, ESPN is basically that crazy old man who just doesn’t give a shit anymore so he does whatever he wants. He goes out for a drive and just barrels into other cars. Goes outside to pick up his morning newspaper in just his underwear because he’s been on this earth long enough and at this point who really cares. ESPN knows no other sports network can compete with them, which is why they show hours of Lebron James, Tim Tebow or Johnny Football coverage over the NHL playoffs and why they scheduled a two hour block on ESPN 2 last night to show a live video game tournament. They just do not care, and the more people go online to hate on them the more exposure they get. When’s the last time ESPN 2 trended online? Well it did last night. ESPN is backed by ABC and Disney which means they can do what they want, when they want. If they want to air a video game competition for two hours on a Sunday night, they’re going to do it. If they want to air a two hour special where Tim Tebow ties his shoes, they’ll do that too. I respect their ‘don’t give a shit attitude’ and if this is the reaction they’re going to get from random people on Twitter, I hope they do it more often.

– Ryan

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