‘Rajon Rondo Is The Worst’ Might Be The Best Song Of All Time

To say the Mavericks mid season acquisition of Rajon Rondo has been underwhelming would be incorrect. It has been as bad as possible, and it seems like Rondo was saving the absolute worst attitude for the playoffs, as he’s officially out indefinitely. The Mavs traded Brandon Wright and Jae Crowder for Rondo, who has been nothing but a whiny, selfish bitch since his arrival in Dallas. The talent has always been there, but Rondo’s entire career has been centered around his ‘woe is me’ complex, and when rumors started swirling that he was going to ask the Mavs to choose between he and Carlisle next season, it all but sealed his fate. Carlisle lead the Mavs to their only title in franchise history and is one of the smartest coaches in the league. In the right setting, Rondo might be successful, but it’s to tough to tell what setting would fit Rondo. It wasn’t in Boston with Ray Allen and KG. It wasn’t in Boston when he was the whole show. It wasn’t in Dallas when he had three or four options to pass it to every offensive possession.If he’s this much of a problem over not being able to call the plays, imagine what’s going to happen when something major happens. Simply put, Rajon Rondo is the worst, and I hope wherever he goes next he’s as miserable as humanly possible.

– Ryan

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