NXT Is Officially Touring The Northeast Starting In May

Huge news coming out of NXT this afternoon as they are officially starting to tour with live events all around the Northeast this spring. The live event in San Jose before WrestleMania must have really blown officials away and made them realize that there are a lot of NXT fans outside of Full Sail. The NXT roster is so talented and full of a lot of guys and girls that have been performing for a long time. The biggest difference between the WWE and the Indies is that WWE’s reach is global, and they have the best production crew in the world. When you combine the skills of the performers with the production ability of the WWE, you have the beautiful baby that is NXT. Now if they’d just tour in Providence and Boston we’d be all set.

– Ryan

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  1. My nephews are huge wrestling fans and they know all the new up and coming wrestlers as well as some classic wrestlers. I am an old wrestling fan, but I have met a wrestler of long ago, a wrestler from a Shiek’s time! I wonder how much wrestling has changed since then…

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