Lindsay Lohan Should Probably Permanently Retire From Social Media

DonkLindsay Lohan has suffered another social media snafu.

The “Mean Girls” star posted an Instagram image of an Arabic phrase on Tuesday, which she translated as “You’re beautiful.”

Unfortunately for Lohan, the Arabic phrase she posted actually translated to “You’re a donkey.”

She pulled the Instagram image after she realized her error, but not before it was spotted on social media, which she got razzed about by other users.


That’s what Lindsay Lohan gets for trying to be cute. You want to tell people they’re beautiful? Just write it down, or film a video of yourself telling people they’re beautiful. Once you bring Arabic into it, which I’m assuming is a very hard language to master, all bets are off. You have no idea what you’re saying when you start fucking around with Arabic. You could be calling yourself an asshole or in this case, telling all your fans that they’re donkey’s. Between this and all the horribly photo shopped pictures, I think it’s time for Lindsay Lohan to step away from social media. She’s clearly terrible at it. You know how some people are terrible at real life but online they’re superstars? They couldn’t talk to a person face to face if their life depended on it but their Pinterest page is the tits. Well Lindsay Lohan is the opposite of that, except she’s not really great at real life things either. I really didn’t think someone could be this bad at social media, but she has proved me wrong. Cut your losses, Lindsay. Social media isn’t for you.

– Ryan

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