John Stamos & His Ageless Face Officially Announced ‘Full House’ Is Coming Back On Jimmy Kimmel Live

John Stamos looking like a god damn high schooler last night on Jimmy Kimmel, giving us the official announcement very few of us are probably looking for. I don’t want to be a downer, but Full House was never really my thing. It was on from 1987-1995, so by the time I was old enough to understand things the show was already over, plus from ages 1-26 I basically watched wrestling and every other show took a back seat. Also ‘Fuller House’ is kind of a sloppy name. You’re really just adding -er to the original name of the show? Show some kind of creativity here. Make it a spinoff and call it Uncle Jessie’s House of Blues or Kimmy Gibler – CEO of the World. Netflix has ordered 13 episodes already, so let’s see if they can work their magic and make ‘Fuller House’ a hit. If the Olsen Twins don’t make a guest appearance I’ll probably riot.

– Ryan

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