The Kylie Jenner Challenge Is A Real Thing Where A Lot Of People Look Really Stupid

No No The latest trend of teenagers doing something stupid on the internet is the Kylie Jenner Challenge, something that could lead to infection and loss of sensation in lips.

Teenage girls are trying to imitate Kylie Jenner’s large lips by putting a bottle lid over their lips and then sucking out the air, causing the lips to puff up. Often, it can also cause the lips to turn blue, and the resulting look is not exactly attractive.

You know who no one should be trying to imitate? KYLIE JENNER. But saying something like that is asking too much of the world, and now we have something called a ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ where people put a bottle lid over their lips and sucking out the air so they look like the lips of the two girls above. I don’t think you need me to tell you this is a bad idea, but it is. It’s the worst idea, maybe ever. Trying to impersonate Kyle Jenner is a confusing statement in general, but going to these lengths to look THIS bad is kind of mind blowing. I’ve given up trying to understand the motivations behind people’s actions, but this challenge takes things to an extremely deranged level. What’s the benefit of this? Why are people trying to be like Kylie Jenner? These are questions that have no answer. Maybe I’ll start the ‘Ryan Challenge’ and see if people can drink an entire case of Busch Light in one sitting. That’s probably healthier than whatever the hell these people are doing to their lips.

– Ryan

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  1. The Matt Vieira challenge is when you get drunk and eat foods you don’t like.

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