It’s Still Early, But Rockies Third Baseman Nolan Arenado Might Have Himself A Catch Of The Year Candidate

The MLB season is only a few weeks old, but we’ve already had some tremendous catches. Anytime someone robs a home run, they usually get my vote, but this catch by Nolan Arenado has a difficult level of about 1,000 but he still pulls it off. There’s so much foul ground in San Francisco, and you also have to avoid the bullpen pitching mounds as well. Arenado sprints right towards the mound and seats and makes the  catch while simultaneously ramming into the tarp. Then his instincts take over and he makes a solid throw to third to try and throw out the runner tagging up from second base. That’s one hell of a baseball play. We might get better catches this year, but I doubt we’re going to see someone put forth a better effort than Nolan.

– Ryan

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