My Favorite Sketch From Taraji P. Henson’s #SNL: Teacher Trial

Taraji P. Henson did a great job as host of SNL, but unfortunately for her the SNL crew was in their third straight week of work and it showed as most of the sketches were pretty short. I enjoyed all the premises of the sketches, but a lot of them seemed to end abruptly. Henson pulled out a couple great impressions as Nicki Minaj and Wanda Sykes, but my two favorite sketches were the Game of Thrones parody and ‘Teacher Trial’. Since the GOT sketch isn’t online yet, I decided to go with this one. The premise is simple: a teacher slept with her student and now she’s on┬átrial. The SNL spin is that no one but the boy’s mother is upset about this because the teacher (Cecily Strong) is hot and the student (Pete Davidson) calls it’s the best five weeks of his life. Strong and Davidson are good here, but Kate McKinnon as the grieving mother and Kenan as the impressed judge are awesome. I’m not going to lie, any time I see a news story similar to this I kind of think the same thing. Are kids really that traumatized if they sleep with a hot teacher? Who knows, but SNL nailed this sketch, and I can’t wait for all the backlash because that’s the world we live in.

– Ryan

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