Getting A DWI Driving Home From A DWI Court Appearance Might Be The Lowest Of The Low

DrankAuthorities say a 44-year-old suburban Buffalo man was drunk when he drove away from a courthouse where he had just been convicted of driving while intoxicated.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office says 44-year-old J.B. Silverthorn of Orchard Park was found guilty of a DWI charge Monday night in Grand Island Town Court. Silverthorn was charged after he crashed his car into the Niagara River on Dec. 29. He was rescued by firefighters.

Deputies say Silverthorn was drunk during Monday’s court appearance and told not to attempt to drive home.

Officers say Silverthorn then got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot before he was stopped by deputies.

Silverthorn was charged with felony DWI. He’s being held Friday in the Erie County jail. It couldn’t be determined if he has a lawyer.


For someone with such a cool name, J.B. Silverthorn is not having the best week. Not only does he drive into a river, get rescued by firefighters and then get charged with a DWI, but he shows up to his court hearing drunk, then tries to drive home again. In J.B.’s defense, what kind of police officer tells a drunk guy in court for a DWI not to drive home? That’s what J.B. Silverthorn does. He drives drunk. It doesn’t matter if there’s a river in the way or if he’s at court. He’s going to drink and he’s going to drive around. I have to imagine showing up to a DWI court appearance drunk is against some kind of law, so they probably should have just arrested him right then and there. I feel bad for whoever this guy’s lawyer ends up being too. Kind of tough to defend a guy who shows up for a DWI court appearance and tries to drive home drunk.

– Ryan

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