WWE Smackdown Will Be Moving To The USA Network In 2016

Wrestling USA Network is about to be the go-to spot for WWE: SmackDown is making the move to the network next year.

USA already airs Monday Night Raw for three hours each week and will be the home for WWE Tough Enough once the reality competition show returns for its sixth season June 23.

Since its 1999 debut, SmackDown has broadcast over 800 episodes, earning it the title of television’s second longest-running weekly episodic program (first place belongs to Monday Night Raw). The show will begin airing on USA in early 2016.

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The USA Network is now the official home of WWE programming, as both of the company’s flagship shows will be shown on the USA Network starting next year. The WWE is coming off one of it’s most profitable weeks in a long time, and it’s clear that the USA Network has always been happy with the ratings Raw brings in, so this makes sense. Hopefully Smackdown moving to a better day (Thursday) and better network (USA) means that it will be treated as something other than a Raw re-run. The WWE has so much TV time that it’s always baffled me that it can’t add a few more under card feuds with guys who are itching to get on TV. If they don’t do it now, they probably never will, but this is a chance for the WWE to have two important TV shows on every week, and I hope they take advantage of that.

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