Somebody Should Probably Keep An Eye On This Jeopardy Contestant Who Doesn’t Know The Age Of Consent

Very aggressive answer here by Tom, and I hope the Jeopardy crew sent this video to authorities after the taping. In what world is 12 years old the age of consent for girls? Or 14 for boys? Kind of a shocking answer, and I’m also concerned at how casually Alex Trebek just brushed it off. He probably should have stopped the show and had a one on one chat with Tom to see what’s going on, because things are definitely not OK at home. Also does the age of consent signal adulthood? I think Tom grew up somewhere where there were just absolutely no rules, and now he’s on the national stage competing on Jeopardy and all hell is breaking loose. There’s really nothing to like about this answer at all. Tom either needs to be arrested or sat down in a dimly lit room and taught about the basic laws of the United States of America.

– Ryan

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