The Patriots Don’t Have To Worry About Gronk Suffering A Concussion Because He Apparently Doesn’t Have A Brain

GronkDuring the interview with Jim Rome on Jim Rome on Showtime in which Rob Gronkowski said he’d want a wife who cooked and cleaned, he also spiked a piñata, talked about his party bus … and said he’d rather get a concussion than blow out his knee. His logic was a little less than sound.

Transcription from CBS:

“Uh, so if we’re sitting here and I had choose would I want a concussion right now or my knee blown out, I’m going to say a concussion. Why would I want to sit there for eight months and not do anything, when with a concussion I’ll just wake up and I’ll be ready to go again.

Gronk isn’t worried about not remembering things later in life because “that happens all the time. I don’t even know how I got to my hotel last night.”

No one would ever accuse Gronkowski of being a philosopher, but it seems crazy to me that he would equate browning out from having too many drinks to CTE, the condition that has afflicted many former football players.

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Rob Gronkowski hit the lottery when he was born. I’m not even talking about being built like a house either. If he wasn’t a professional football player, I can’t imagine he’d be alive right now. He’s so stupid it almost defies logic. You also have to blame Jim Rome a little bit here too. What did you think the world scholar Gronk was going to say to that question. He’s already blown out his knee, and he apparently doesn’t have a brain, or know how concussions work, so he’ll obviously take a concussion. The Pats already won one Super Bowl with him, so I guess they’re happy, but I can’t imagine he lasts more than a few years in the league. For every workout he does he seems to do double the damage to his body with his current lifestyle, but I guess the one he’s got going for him is that he can’t get a concussion. You’d need an actual brain for that. Maybe stop giving him a live microphone and asking him to talk about the very real issue of CTE? Give him a shiny object to hold onto and spike into the ground and call it a day.

– Ryan

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