The Guy Filming His Snowboarding Trip With A Selfie Stick Should Probably Watch Our For That Chairlift

That’s what I like to call a BOOM BABY. I’m not really a Selfie stick hater; they’re stupid, but if you want to walk around in public with a camera or phone attached to a large pole, there’s not really much I can say about you that hasn’t already been said. Instead of this guy just going snowboarding, he has to go snowboarding with a Selfie stick, because the entire world is waiting for the first ever video of a guy snowboarding down a mountain. It’s never happened before, so thank God this guy brought his Selfie stick to show us what’s it like. From what I can gather, you go down the mountain on your snowboard in the snow. It’s pretty magical stuff, until he gets smacked in the head by a chairlift. Next time just go snowboarding like everyone else, and you probably won’t leave the mountain with a concussion.

– Ryan


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  1. Don’t be careless in taking selfie using a Selfie Stick Pro.

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