Two Of My Favorite Things Are Coming Together This Saturday As The Rock Is Hosting SNL

My favorite thing about Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is that his passion shines through in everything he does. There’s a reason he made it to the top of the WWE and there’s a reason he’s one of the most successful people in Hollywood: he works hard and puts everything he has in whatever he is doing at that moment. This Saturday he’ll be hosting SNL, maybe the only thing that could compare to my obsession with wrestling. The Rock hosting SNL, especially now as a Hollywood mega player, is going to be fantastic, and that it’s happening on the same weekend as WrestleMania is almost too much to handle. In his latest Instagram post promoting SNL, he runs into Leslie Jones on the streets of NY and I really hope these two do some type of inappropriate sketch together. The SNL writers always work well with celebrities who don’t take themselves seriously and have natural comedic timing, and The Rock fits both of those criteria. This weekend is going to be epic.

– Ryan

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