Trailer Alert: Mission Impossible 24 – Impossible Mission

Mission Impossible is apparently in an unspoken race with the Fast and Furious to see who can make the most sequels. Unfortunately for the Fast and Furious franchise, Tom Cruise doesn’t lose, and I have a wild hunch he doesn’t know he’s acting in these movies. He seems like one of those celebrities so full of his own shit that he’s convinced himself he’s really saving the world over and over again, which is one of the only explanations I can think of for him doing his own stunts. You don’t have to do your own stunts, Tom. You’ve proved your point. It’s OK to sit a few plays out. As much fun as it is watching Tom Cruise run around again, I’ll probably only see this when it comes out on DVD or whatever it is the kids watch these days. I just can’t see spending money to go see another Mission Impossible in the movie theater. With that said, I can’t wait for Mission Impossible 6: Cruise Control.

– Ryan

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