Meet Oberyn Martell’s Daughters, The Sand Snakes, In This New Featurette On Game Of Thrones Season 5

Between WrestleMania and the season finale of The Walking Dead this Sunday and Game of Thrones premiering in a few weeks on April 12th, my mind is in a state of wonderful delirium. HBO has been putting out trailers and featurette’s galore ahead of the season 5 premiere, and the newest one introduces us to new characters who will be playing a pivotal role in the new season. Oberyn Martell arrived into the Game of Thrones universe and charmed his way into our hearts before he was ultimately squished to death by The Mountain. His daughters, nicknamed The Sand Snakes, will no doubt look to seek revenge on all those responsible for their father’s death. Game of Thrones has a million percent success rate when introducing new characters, so I have no doubt that the The Sand Snakes will be awesome. Season 5 premiers in 20 days. Hold onto your butts!

– Ryan


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