The Indianapolis Colts Have Proposed a 9 Point Touchdown, Have Apparently Lost Their Minds

IndyIt’s bad enough the NFL adopted the two-point conversion years ago, but now the Colts have a proposal that could make touchdowns worth nine points.

It has even less of a chance of passing at next week’s league meetings in Phoenix than what has become Bill Belichick’s annual attempt to expand instant replay’s jurisdiction to every type of play. The Colts win this year’s award for dumbest proposal.

This is how it would work: If a team is successful converting the two-point conversion from the two-yard line, it would then be given the chance to add one more point with a long field-goal try. The line of scrimmage would be the 32-yard line, making for a 50-yard attempt. If the offensive team cashes in, it would be a bonanza. Add it up: Six points for the TD, two points for the conversion and one bonus point for the long extra point. Sounds like a great idea. A nine-point lead would mean it would be a one-possession game.

Clearly, there’s not much going on in Indianapolis, and the genius who came up with this in the Colts offices has way too much time on their hands.

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Jim Irsay and the Colts have not be doing well since they got shellacked by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. First it was deflate gate, which was just silly, and now they’re proposing 9 point touchdowns. What’s next, unlimited timeouts? You have to play the first and third quarters without cleats? Offense and defense switch positions for one drive a game? That last one actually isn’t that bad, but anything that comes out of Indy right now wouldn’t surprise me. They did make some nice offensive additions so far, but as far as the front office goes, they’re all insane. When Jim Irsay is in charge, that statement shouldn’t be very surprising.

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