Vampire Crabs Are Apparently A Real Thing & They’re Terrifying

Please NoTwo new species of “vampire crabs” have been identified by scientists.

Their bright yellow eyes have a piercing glare as sharp as their pincers, but don’t worry too much about these tiny critters sucking your blood any time soon.

Peter Ng, Christoph Schubart and Christian Lukharp identified the new species, named Geosesarma dennerle and Geosesarma hagen, in the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology (pdf of the study can be found here). They traced the habitat of the freshwater crabs to Java, Indonesia, after years of ambiguity about their exact origins.

“These crabs are kind of special because they’ve been around in the pet trade for 10 years, but no one knew where they came from,” Lukhamp told National Geographic.

Dealers claimed that they were taken from locations as diverse as Sulawesi, Krakatau or the Riau Islands, as well as Java.

Nicknamed vampire crabs for their yellow eyes, they’re also distinguished by their deep purple or bright orange shells. Since their discovery roughly 10 years ago, they’ve been exported to Europe, East Asia and North America.



You know what’s terrifying? The ocean, and everything that lives in or near it. Whether it’s a shark or a giant squid or a god damn VAMPIRE CRAB, the ocean is absolutely insane. I never understood why people would be surprised if they got attacked by a shark or some kind of oceanic animal. That’s their world. We own the land, they own the sea. Don’t go into their world and be surprised when they attack you. The newest, and possibly most terrifying thing to come out of the ocean is the vampire crab. It’s a crab, but instead of being normal and delicious they’re yellowed eyed purple shelled monsters. They’re supposedly harmless, but I just refuse to trust something that looks like that. Rule number one of trusting someone or something should state that if something as yellow, glowing eyes, you don’t trust it. Blanket statement. If these things somehow make their way to North America via the pet trading market I’m running for the hills. Those yellow eyes are staring into my soul.

– Ryan

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  1. Tristan Wright

    They are a two inch crab and they are popular among crab owners.

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