Vince McMahon’s $189,000 Bentley Has Been Recovered In The Bronx

VKMA thief boosted World Wrestling Entertainment boss Vince McMahon’s Bentley in Connecticut a few months ago — but it was eventually recovered in The Bronx, police sources told The Post.

The wrestling honcho tools around in a charcoal- gray Bentley Continental Coupe valued at $189,900, according to a 2013 Hearst Connecticut Media report.

Police sources said the car had a $100,000 sound system.

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Apparently no one is safe in today’s society, but I’m glad these thieves came to their senses and ditched Vinnie Mac’s Bentley before things get out of hand. I have to assume the $100,000 stereo system and anything else of value have been stripped from the car, but at least it’s safe and sound. I feel like if Vince didn’t work 23 hours out of every day he might’ve been able to track his car down sooner, but his entire life is wrestling and any time not spent traveling or writing shows is probably spent pretending to sleep. In a way he’s the perfect person to steal a car from. He’s never home, and he’s so consumed by everything else in his life that he probably never even knew it was missing until well after the fact. With that said, I’d never root for anyone who steals from the Genetic Jackhammer. These thieves should burn in hell.

Side note: never in a million years would I think Vince would be the kind of guy to get a $100,000 stereo system. I can’t even picture him listening to music. Maybe that’s where he got the idea to have Wiz Khalifa on Raw last week? If that’s the case, it’s a blessing that his car got stolen.

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