Liam Gill Is Reason #650 Why I’d Be Terrified Of Playing Rugby

The scariest part of that video is that the player Liam Gill is picking up and tossing around is not small by any means. He’s just another tough Rugby player, but Liam Gill reverse power bombs him like he’s a small child. Besides lack of hand eye coordination and being in bad shape, having to face guy like Liam Gill is a major reason why I’d never want to play rugby. No pads, and as far as I can tell, no rules. Those are the two detractors for me. If I’m going to play a sport against a bunch of lunatics I want as much padding as possible. My ideal gear would be knights armor made out of something that I could move around in, not a t-shirt and shorts that protect zero percent of my body from serious physical harm. You know what doesn’t feel good? Getting tossed around like a rag doll by some guy who’s mad he can’t get to a ball. That is my literal nightmare. I will give Liam credit for incorporating a wrestling move into his repertoire. Rugby needs more wrestling. Maybe start throwing some European uppercuts and Neutralizers and really get this party started.


– Ryan

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