It’s Time For The WWE To Cut Their Losses And Get Rid Of The February Pay Per View


WWE February pay per views have definitely lost their momentum throughout the years. This has nothing to do with poor matches or bad angles, but is due to the fact that the outcomes are very predictable with WrestleMania right around the corner. For example, we all knew that Roman Reigns was going to defeat Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane. Was the match great? Yes, but some of the magic is taken away when you know who’s going to win. Championships rarely change hands, stories are rushed, and the February pay per view is missing the excitement factor that is key to WWE’s connection with its audience. Since February pay per views no longer bring home the bacon, the WWE should schedule an NXT live special for mid to late February instead. This would bring legitimate excitement and entertainment back to the WWE and rid it of its month of predictability.

Another benefit of running an NXT live special in place of a pay per view would be that it would allow the main roster writers and leads behind storylines to have more time to prepare for WrestleMania without having the February PPV in the way. The writing staff and performers could carefully look over and go in-depth on each story/match that they want at WrestleMania without any pay per view interruptions.

The NXT live special would create curiosity for those who haven’t seen what NXT is yet which in turn would bring more eyes to the NXT product and possibly new subscribers to the WWE Network. What type of NXT live event would this turn out to be? My guess would be a show that promotes the “Main Roster” talents vs. NXT talents. The storyline could be that the Superstars on the main rosters are angry over the fact that these NXT talents have “stolen” their pay per view time (the jealously factor is already there in real life) which could lead to a War Games or Survivor Series style match. If this plan is implemented, the NXT live special and WrestleMania would get the careful plan that would both events better for years to come.

– Jake

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