TNW – The Bachelor is Entering NFL Free Agency

NFL Free Agency

You can’t fool us, Andy. This isn’t a real trade, although I wouldn’t be surprised. The Saints are giving away players like Oprah used to give away cars.

That’s the downside of naps: FOMO. Fear of missing out is real, and you just missed some blockbuster trades. I hope the nap was worth it.

Why are so many people taking naps on a Tuesday afternoon? Is there a secret Nap Club I don’t know about it? If there is, I’m going to be upset.

– Ryan

 The Bachelor

#Broad4lyfe is the only hashtag the Bachelor TV show should use from now on. That’s pure genius. Also, if you don’t call your significant other your “Broad 4 Lyfe” when you propose then I don’t want to know you.

I have to admit, I wasn’t even sure that was a real website until I clicked on it. You’re dad is on to something…nobody tell ABC though…

More like Flipper or Mr. Limpet?

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