Wiz Khalifa Performed On WWE Raw Last Night & I’m Not Sure What Either Side Was Thinking

The worst part is that I actually enjoy Wiz Khalifa’s music. I’m not the world’s biggest Wiz fan, but I enjoy his music, so I can only imagine what people who don’t like him were thinking last night. Wiz Khalifa and the WWE Universe mix as well as cement and oil. The WWE HAD to know this going in. They had to. There’s no way anyone from the WWE heard Wiz Khalifa’s music and thought “you know what would be great? Wiz Khalifa performing three songs on Raw during WrestleMania season!”. I understand he’s from Pittsburgh, but this isn’t the time or the place for a hip hop artist to be doing a mini set. It’s a really odd decision, especially a week after they pulled off one of the better celebrity cameos on Raw with Jon Stewart. After about 30 seconds of Wiz performing last night I had terrible flashbacks of Cee Lo Green at Summerslam:

– Ryan

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  1. the 1:25 mark in the cee-lo video cringe worthy

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