My Favorite Sketch From Chris Hemsworth’s Wonderful SNL Debut – ‘Spaceship’

Whenever you have a first time host who isn’t known for being overly funny, it’s better to be cautious than to expect the world. That was my game plan going into last Saturday’s SNL hosted by Chris Hemsworth, but he blew away my expectations similar to what Martin Freeman did earlier this season. While Hemsworth can certainly be funny, it’s not his forte, but he delivered in just about every sketch he was in last night. The best, and most unique sketch, was ‘Spaceship’. A simple enough premise about a crew that doesn’t feel comfortable taking orders from their non human captain that I was 99% sure would be a robot, but leave it to SNL to flip the switch and make the┬ácaptain a live chicken. Hemsworth trying to have a one on one heart to heart with a live chicken was the highlight of the sketch for me, but every scene of this bit was great.

– Ryan

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