Jon Stewart Finally Showed Up On Raw Last Night & Cut One Hell Of A Promo On Seth Rollins

The ‘5 Stars of Raw’ post is coming out later, but I wanted to make sure I got Jon Stewart’s interaction with Seth Rollins out there first. Last night on Raw, Seth Rollins hosted his version of The Daily Show, which brought out Stewart to confront Rollins and defend his own honor. What followed was a promo by a superb public speaker who also has a deep respect and knowledge for the history of pro wrestling. This was not a promo written by the WWE writers so Stewart could sound smart and name drop some Hall of Famers. This was a promo by an admitted wrestling fan who is just a very passionate guy, and it showed last night. The best part of this entire segment is it furthered Rollins’ character development. Stewart never made Rollins look ‘bad’. He just pointed out how much a weasel he is, and although he’s a gifted athlete and one hell of a wrestler, he took the easy way out and joined The Authority to further his own career. In other words, he’s a very good wrestling bad guy. I loved every second of this, and if Jon Stewart ever decides he wants to come back on Raw, the WWE should welcome him back with open arms.

– Ryan

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