If You Haven’t Been Following The Robert Flores/Nick Young War of Words, It’s Not Too Late To Jump On Board

In case you missed it, Sportscenter anchor Robert Flores took a dig at Lakers guard Nick Young, aka Swaggy P’s girlfriend Iggy Izalea. Here’s the original video from Sportscenter:

ESPN is trying this new thing with Sportscenter where they give a hot take on certain issues, which is making the show and their anchors a little more edgy. I’m not sure why Flores decided to pick on Azalea, but Nick Young took offense and semi threatened Flores on Twitter, which of course he soon deleted. But as we’ve seen before, nothing is REALLY deleted from the internet:


Flores, not one to be upstaged, might have landed the knockout blow last night:

Although Flores initiated it, Nick Young should know better than to enter a war of words with a Sportscenter anchor. These guys are brilliant, quick witted professionals with an entire staff waiting to look up stats. Also, Nick Young is shooting 36% from the field this year, so technically Flores isn’t wrong. This is entertaining stuff, and will continue to be until one of these two is suspended or something stupid happens because we live in the most sensitive society in the history of the world.

– Ryan

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  1. hilarious!!! What a pot shot by Flores, but I love it!

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