Shia LaBeouf Is Single Handedly Trying To Bring The Rat Tail Back & I Applaud His Courage


Here’s my take on Shia LaBeouf’s rat tail: this was a long, sophisticated plan. All of LaBeouf’s recent crazy behavior was all planned out so when he finally unleashed the rat tail on the world, the media would just chalk it up to another crazed move by a legitimate mad man. It’s genius, really. If Shia went out in public randomly with this rat tail without his crazy behavior preceding it then I think it would get universally hated on. But Shia’s hairstyle is the least craziest thing he’s done over the past few years. A rat tail is as normal as apple pie compared to getting thrown out of Broadway shows and fighting homeless people over food. I really can’t see the rat tail making a furious comeback, but if I had to pick one guy to lead the charge, it would be Shia LaBeouf, and if in a few years half the population is looking ratty, we will have Shia LaBeouf to thank.

– Ryan


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