Who’s Excited For Dakota Johnson & Her ‘Exciting’ Personality To Host SNL This Week?

I think Dakota Johnson is getting a bad rap. It’s widely known that book nerds are the most vicious critics out there. It’s happened with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and now it’s spreading into movies like Gone Girl and more recently 50 Shades of Grey. No matter what the actors and filmmakers do, the movie will never live up to the hype of the book. I don’t know if people expected Dakota Johnson to be some kind of kinky sex slave in real life, but she gives a perfectly fine interview and presents herself well yet everyone jumps down her throat. Of course for me personally, the ultimate test of a man or woman’s merit is how well they host SNL. This is Dakota’s first time, so she has a chance to either shut everyone up or be terrible. Since I’ll be watching the show, I’m hoping for the former. The cast should have an extra pep in their step after their extended time off and the SNL 40 special, so let’s hope they have some good material and tomorrow night’s show is a success. – Ryan

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