Kevin Garnett’s Return To Minnesota Is Your Daily Reminder That Sports Are Awesome

This is one of those moments that you can’t really put into words. Kevin Garnett is one of, if not the greatest competitor in the history of basketball, and maybe even sports in general. You can personally love him or hate him, but his intensity and skill can not be denied. Also, his importance to the Timberwolves franchise is incomparable. He’s first in franchise history in points, rebounds, assists, steals and every other major statistcal category. He may won a title in Boston and played a few forgettable seasons in Brooklyn, but when you think of the Minnesota Timberwolves, you think of Kevin Garnett. As a side note, how great is it for Andrew Wiggins to have KG in Minnesota? He’s already had a great rookie year, and now with KG there to constantly pushing him to get better, he should be one of the best players in the league sooner rather than later.

– Ryan

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