It’s Time For The WWE To #GiveDivasAChance – Introducing The ‘Queen of the Ring’ Tournament


There has been constant random booking and mainly NO TIMING when it comes to the main roster Diva’s and more specifically the buildup to WrestleMania, and I believe I have a unique idea that could possibly help reignite the Diva’s division as a whole.  The concept is an adaption of the “King of the Ring” but instead would be referred to as “Queen of the Ring” for obvious reasons. The finals of the tournament would be contested at Wrestlemania.

Now there would be about 20-23 diva’s involved in this match, including most of the “Main Roster” Diva’s and some of the NXT diva’s, but also leave some room for any returning and/or debuting talents as the tournament went on. Here’s the best part about the tournament: the current Diva’s Champion would ALSO be thrown into this tournament with every tournament round match she is placed in being a championship title defense, which in turn will bring more prestige and excitement to the division.

Personally I’m sick and tired of watching the diva’s division not only get pushed to the back burner by WWE but also the fans in general, because these women have so much potential but barely get to showcase due to time restraints or poor booking.

Hey! What do I know I’m just a wrestling fan!

 – Jake Buchanan

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