The Bushwackers Getting Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame Proves That The WWE Hall Of Fame Means Nothing

First and foremost, congrats to The Bushwackers on getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. If it actually means something to them then good for The Bushwackers, but their inclusion in the Hall of Fame proves that the WWE does not take the Hall of Fame seriously. We already knew this, especially with people like Drew Carey already in there, but now it seems like the WWE is just eventually going to put everyone who ever wrestled in there. For those of you too young to remember The Bushwackers, they were a tag team that dressed in matching camouflage outfits and marched to the ring while rotating their arms up and down. Occasionally they’d lick the fans faces at ringside. That’s pretty much the extent of their characters. They’re also responsible for this, possibly the most awkward GIF in the history of the internet:

If licking people’s faces and rubbing people’s dicks are all it takes to get you into the Hall of Fame, I expect future classes to get super weird.

– Ryan


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