Bray Wyatt Officially Challenged The Undertaker To A Match At WrestleMania During #WWEFastLane Last Night

During last night’s Fast Lane pay per view, before the John Cena/Rusev match, the lights went out and the familiar sights and sounds of The Undertaker’s entrance theme filled the arena. After the trademark gong, druids started filing out of the back with torches, and The Undertaker’s trademark casket was being wheeled towards the ring. After it stopped at the end of the entrance way, the casket was finally opened, but The Undertaker was nowhere to be found. Instead, the Eater of Worlds and the new face of fear, Bray Wyatt, was inside. For the last few weeks, Wyatt has been calling out a mysterious figure, but never mentioned him by name. Last night, he made it clear that the man he’s been talking about was The Undertaker. Now that Wyatt and The Undertaker is pretty much set in stone for WrestleMania, I look forward to a spectacular buildup similar to last night between the new and the old faces of fear. While the next five weeks will be full of debates over who should be win, I’ll be looking forward to seeing The Undertaker make his long anticipated return while Wyatt continues to look like a top star.

– Ryan

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