Jon Stewart vs. Seth Rollins At WrestleMania 31 Needs To Happen

Just to catch you up: Seth Rollins cut a promo on Raw saying he was capable of anything, both inside and outside the WWE ring. One of the things he mentioned that he was capable of doing was taking over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Stewart responded in the first video above, to which Rollins responded via TMZ in the second video. Is Jon Stewart Seth Rollins’s ideal opponent at WrestleMania? No, no he is not. But if the WWE can’t figure out a way to get Randy Orton back on TV, bring in the promo master himself Jon Stewart and let’s see the second worst WrestleMania match ever! (Bret Hart/Vince will never be unseated as the worst match in mania history) If you don’t want to hear Jon Stewart cut a lengthy promo on Raw about which kind of wood he see’s himself as then I’m not sure I like you as a person.

– Ryan

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