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Coming off easily the worst year of his young career, Colin Kaepernick finds himself at a crossroads this year. He just signed a huge contract, lost his head coach and most of the offensive staff and now he’s getting into a Twitter fight with someone named Stephen Batten. Not exactly the start to the off season 49ers were looking for. Kaepernick might honestly be the worst athlete in history in regards to taking criticism. If he’s playing great, he seems like a fun guy to be around and interview, and we’ve already seen how great he can be when he’s on. When he’s playing bad? Moody city, population Colin. He snapped at reporters all season long and looked generally lost on the field, which was a big reason why the 49ers went from the NFC Championship in January of 2014 to 8-8 and home on the couch in January of 2015. I’m glad Kaepernick is already hitting the weight room and studying film, but the biggest thing he needs to work on is his attitude. Do you think you’d see Tom Brady trading jabs with some random guy on Twitter after a bad loss or a bad season? Kaepernick needs to study the off the field habits of the great quarterbacks who have been successful in this league and try his best to emulate them. If he doesn’t, it’s going to antoher long season for the 49ers.

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