Adam Samberg and Andy Sandler Teamed Up For An SNL Digital Short About Cast Members Breaking Character #SNL40

Besides all the great hosts, musical guests, sketches and characters, the best part about Saturday Night Live is that it’s live. For 40 years, there has really never been another show like it. Filming it live every week gives the show an exciting feeling that is unrivaled in the world of comedy on television. And of course the greatest byproduct of doing the show live is when the cast members break character and can’t stop laughing at each other. That was the idea behind this digital short, and it was nice to see Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg team up for something that wasn’t That’s My Boy. I’m also glad everyone at SNL realizes what everyone who watches the show has known for years: Jimmy Fallon is a terrible sketch comedian who broke┬ácharacter more than anyone else, but we love him anyway.

– Ryan

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